Seeing, and really seeing...

A lot of times I hear people tell me, as they look at one of my photos, that they would never have thought to take a particular shot. Their comment being that they would never have seen what I saw! It is intended as a compliment which I certainly appreciate. I like to think that I am usually open to visual stimuli, but I have realized that if I have my camera with me, I tend to be much more open to ‘seeing’ the ‘unexpected’.

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting my son in Brooklyn. I had brought the camera with me in case something caught my eye and to just be a tourist. One day while he was at work, I rode the subway into the city. I got off at the Fulton Street Station, as I was headed to the 9/11 Memorial and this was my stop. Unbeknownst to me, this is a beautiful new station, which opened in late 2014. I looked up, and started seeing all kinds of angles, colors and possible pictures to take. Here’s a couple from there.

Happy New Year everybody. Always keep your eyes open!


Fulton St Station 3.jpg